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The Writing Workshop is meant to bring people together to speak and write about cancer and the many long-lasting effects it produces. My father died from prostate cancer over thirty years ago and it tore my family apart because we did not know how to express ourselves or deal with the disease. I kept a journal when discussion was inadequate or it provoked emotions that eliminated constructive conversation. Years later my writing took a different form, as my emotions, memory and desire dictated. Sometimes is was a dramatic narrative or a play. Other times it was a humorous vignette or a letter that might not be sent. Once or twice, the letter was sent. However the writing speaks to me and what has to be said is the way the story comes out. Writing helped me to deal with circumstances beyond my control and people who became unstable or incapable of cooperation. It also showed me how my father, a man who kept his sense of humor all through his most terrible treatments and never complained, passed on to me his spirit and gave me a sense of control. Now, having had prostate cancer myself and survived extremely well, I would like to support other people and demonstrate how we can all deal with the worst of situations. 

(detailed proposal available upon request)

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