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Photo © Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Used with permission.

The Original Nuyorican Poets: Lucky Cienfuego, Miguel Algarin, Miguel Pinero, Jesus Murillo


Faces is an intense non-linear full-length drama in development about the toll war takes when the people fighting it believe in the morality of being “right”, the privilege of taking another person’s life when death is deemed justifiable. It questions public and personal conscience when an act is committed and the harm it does is irreversible: Can you walk away from death if you do not know the person you kill? If death returns to haunt you, which do you seek: closure or revenge?

• • •

The Sentence


Donald Trump's Crimes Against the English Language

This is a 10-page play with two live characters and one voice off stage that confronts the surreal, yet realistic, fascist changes we are now facing in our government and society. Donald Trump's own words are challenged in court by the words of great orators and famous speeches.

• • •

A Beggar's Smile

a 10-Minute Drama 

 and a One-Act Drama

A BEGGAR’S SMILE is about two female high school seniors, a Japanese and an Hispanic, who must look at their future: One has the option to return to the land of her heritage; the other must return. It is a brief, but deep window into immigration and appreciation, privilege and necessity. 

• • •

Mirror, Rabbi

10-Minute Play

and Intense Radio Drama

This is a very penetrating story about an indefensible act that separates people from their loved ones and goes deep into their shared, yet conflicted past. It resurrects a never-ending moment between an adult son, his dead father, the father’s second wife, and a rabbi who makes a decision that would be unacceptable in anyone else’s eyes—except for God’s—according to the rabbi.

• • •

How I Won the Lottery

(and Stayed Out of Prison for Almost a Year)

A 10-15-Minute Comedy

A trailer park couple wins the lottery unexpectedly when trying to buy a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store from an Indian immigrant, and get ... confused. 

• • •

For Rent: 4th Floor Walk-up, Womb for Two

A 10-Minute Comedy

Two very successful long-time friends, heterosexual men who have been sharing a New York City apartment together for many years find themselves in a conflict when one of them wants to become a father, but not get married. 

• • •

Original Blood

A 10-Minute Drama

ORIGINAL BLOOD presents a confrontation between two young black men: one a street thug from New York who has never had anything; the other from Sudan who has lost everything. One wants to commit a crime which may involve murder. The other has already committed crimes involving murder. Which one will go to jail, and which one will get an ivy league education?

• • •

Baggy's Convenience Store

A Full-length Comedy

(in development)

BAGGY’S CONVENIENCE STORE is a place where various characters of unusual backgrounds come to greet and meet while they buy the daily papers and lottery tickets, offering some unusual revelations about who they are and where they are going. 

• • •

I Never Touched That Boy!

A Full-Length Drama

(in development)

In a case about official misconduct and sexual abuse in a public school, the prosecutor declares that there are “no free crimes in this state.” Except when they are committed by the state prosecutor who misleads and lies to the jury on behalf of illegal aliens out to extort millions of dollars from an innocent and vulnerable educator who would not settle early on. 

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