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When Shadows Scream 


This is the first book in the trilogy of THE OVERRIDERS about a parallel society of individuals who determine history in the thin moments between imagining a turn of events and initiating it. It deals with very serious issues that teens face and conditions that seem fantastic, but are grounded in science and reality, though overlooked and difficult to comprehend. It questions the world we experience and travel every day in a strange and unique way, forcing us to rethink the meaning of "family" and examine the demands of society through fantasy.


WHEN SHADOWS SCREAM is a dark urban fantasy about the growing love between two homeless teenagers who are trying to find themselves, and in the process discover they have very special powers, but must also cope with very special obstacles. In their attempts to overcome their own difficulties, they enter into a battle with The Disembodied, souls that have been banished after death and infused for eternity into the bedrock of New York City. But souls do not die, especially those infected with evil. They lie dormant until they are churned back into life when the ground is being eaten away and excavated at major construction sites, in particular the Second Ave. subway tunnel at 92nd Street. The Vapors are released, rise and escape to inhabit the hollow shells of people who are unassuming, but weak, and sometimes angry. They are also stolen by Cusco, a long-time, inconspicuous resident of the city who abducts street kids and turns them into gargoyles atop New York City buildings. But he, too, is much more than he seems. Thus, the two teens join forces with Prof. Urbanis Wornstaff, Master of Time Transference, as they search New York, a city losing control under an insurgency of veiled citizens dressed in black, dark figures obscured by hoods roaming the night, and escapees from Time Seams.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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